Behavior Bridges offers a wide variety of trainings to suit each program.  Trainings are individualized for the staff and clients based on the organizational needs.  Each training is customized for optimal staff development and retention.  The general format for training is teach, model, practice (where relevant). When practice is not appropriate or time does not allow, the presentation is filled with real life examples and case studies of the content. Therefore, particular methods of instruction incorporated into presentations include instructor led, demonstration led, controlled practical exercise, and case study/team practice.

Workshops and Lectures


Workshops are provided to schools, human service agencies, early learning professionals and at undergraduate and graduate levels.  We are approved CE providers through DSHS and MERIT.  

Caregiver Training
Skills training for families and caregivers can be provided on a skill-by-skill basis.  Daily living skills, toileting skills, data collection, and other ABA based strategies can be taught to you in your home. 
Staff Training & Supervision


We have extensive experience in effective supervision and program development.  We offer supervision toward board certification in Applied Behavior Analysis to prospective practicum students as well as school staff training packages.  

Training Topics! 

Unless otherwise noted, each training developed includes separate formats for early learners, school aged, and adults.  Each format includes specific case examples and strategies for the age group and population specified. Additional customization for targeted populations available. Many training topics are available virtually and may accrue DSHS Continuing Education credits! 


  • Proactive Behavior Supports

  • Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Structuring the Classroom For Success! 

  • How to Survive & Thrive in Middle School! 

  • Addressing Challenging Behaviors

  • Supporting Individuals with ASD in the Home and Community

  • Effective Nonverbal Communication- Personal Space, Body Language, and More

  • Introduction to Disabilities

  • Treatment Conceptualization of Co-Occurring Disabilities

  • Comprehensive Autism Training

  • Behavior Intervention Planning

  • ABA for Early Intervention

  • Applied Behavior Analysis for Everyone

  • Changing Behavior- Reinforcers that Work

  • Programming and Safety for Severe Challenging Behaviors

  • Adolescence and Puberty

  • Toilet Training/ Toilet Supports

  • Nonverbal Communication

  • RtI and PBIS

  • Custom Training

  • Supporting Individuals with ASD in the Workplace

  • Transition to Adulthood